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Don’t you just love tax season?

Especially those fabulous commercials from the likes of H&R Block. You know, the one with the aircraft carrier and the lone old coot in the suit (yes, that rhymes) standing in the middle of the flight deck and holding forth about how H&R Block will get you back your billions of tax dollars. Cue billions of tax dollars majestically rising to the flight deck on an elevator.


H&R Block sucks. 

That conclusion dawned on me when, after having spent the best part of two hours trying to successfully navigate their website, I ended up with a tax return of $149 and three peanuts. Nu-huh. It’s not my first rodeo, see? Or maybe I’m just greedy. Either way, I decided that this was a bit low.

So I tried Ufile next. Vastly more user-friendly website for starters, which halved the time I had to waste on this. Vastly more money, too. They figured a return of $300-odd. Better, but now I’m getting ambitious. Besides, Ufile has a filing charge. Ambitious and greedy.

The third candidate is Simple Tax (indeed!), and they come recommended by the CRA. They’re also completely free. The website isn’t quite as intuitive as that of Ufile, but it’s still straightforward enough to navigate. It also digs up a tax benefit neither of the other two applied. End result? A tax return of nearly $550.

I regret to inform H&R Block that they will not be making billions from this girl’s tax dollars.